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National Park Service (NPS)

PMO Software Development

Client: Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA)

Client Scenario: DARPA’s Office of Management Operations Information Recourses
Directorate (IRD) provides support for several custom business applications that are
used by the technology offices responsible for carrying out the research to build
information systems, aircraft, robots, spacecraft, microcircuits, lasers, sensors, rifles,
advanced networks, medical devices, and more. A contractor was needed to support
and enhance the business applications to improve overall efficiency in the technology

QuTech Solution: DARPA has used QuTech’s expertise in front-end requirements
gathering, quality assurance and systems implementation on several maintenance
releases of the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and the Technical and Financial
Information Management System (TFIMS) applications. We worked closely with the
development team to define requirements and to perform testing to ensure that
requirements were accurately implemented.

QuTech’s software engineering support in all areas of the development lifecycle has
led to the successful deployment of major upgrades to some of the agency’s most
significant business applications such as BAA and TFIMS. Our business analysis
and design processes have become the model for the agency.

Client’s Comments: Leslie W (QuTech) inspires faith in IRD. She is pleasant,
helpful, and knowledgeable. Most of all, she is responsive. We thought it appropriate
to report our positive experience up the chain.

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